The Baron in the Trees

Artist: The Loafing Heroes
Released: May 6, 2016
Label: Self Released
Tadklimp: Production, Arrangement, Recording, Mixing


Working again with the Loafing Heroes, after almost 5 years, was as joyful and inspiring as ever.

2 brilliant recording-weeks in Lisbon, in the heart of November 2015,  were enough to capture the soul of this new collection of storytelling.

The excellent poetry and melodies of Bartholomew Ryan bloom naturally in this new incarnation of the band as Giulia Gallina, Jaime McGill, Judith Retzlik, Joao Tordo, Joao Abreu and Otto Pereira developed the songs into fine structures with their deep musicality and craftsmanship.

Forever grateful for the hospitality and the good times we had during the making of this album!

You can find it in both LP and CD formats here: link