Artist: The Loafing Heroes
Released: 8 September 2011
Label: Self Released
Tadklimp: Production, Recording, Mixing

It feels as Planets is a farewell chant to that beautiful apartment in Dunkerstrasse.
It’s been a year since these songs were recorded and memories of the fun we had while recording, back in that weekend, are still vivid.

This album documents some of the most diverse and magical moments of The Loafing Heroes songwriting.
From “Wayanad” and “1990Boys” to“Prufrock” and “Mr.Clock”, Planets feels as a bunch of dreamy kids staring at the sky.

I recorded most of the tracks and mixed them during my residence in the south of Germany, last winter.
Production-wise there were moments of pure magic, as in “Prufrock”, a one-mic recording that grasped an unrepeatable improvisational performance and “Jingler”, a similar capture of an early morning rehearsal in Dunker filled with morning-birds singing.
Find Planets here.