Dancewalk in Karlstadt

Artist: Tadklimp
Released: June 2010
Tadklimp: Composition


Recently i finished a 30 min. piece for my friend, choreographer Anna Asplind.

She has developed the beautiful project of “Dancewalks” throughout many cities in Europe.

The idea is simple: the participant downloads the “Dancewalk” mp3 track from her website, but doesn’t listen to it, until he/she reaches the exact point in the city, which is specified in her site too.

There, the fun begins! You press play and you follow the music along with the choreographic instructions given to you by Anna.

The piece premiered in the Abundance festival, mid-June/2010 and now it is available at the Värmlands Museum in Karlstadt, Sweden.

If by chance you find your self nearby, try it!

Fun is guarantied!

For more info and download, visit the Dancewalks home.

You can have a small sip too …