Artist : The Loafing Heroes
Released : 1 March 2011
Label : Baar – Cliche Records
Tadklimp : Production, Recording, Mixing

I had the pleasure to record and mix the latest The Loafing Heroes album Chula.

It has been released since August 2010 by Cliché Records and Baar Music.
You can stream and buy the album here .

Just a comment on the recording rig, since at the end it was enjoyable, restrictive and highly educational to record in this way…
The whole album was recorded using only an Oktava ML-19 microphone, through the preamp of a Smaragd BG20/2 reel-to-reel tape recorder.
The former is a 1979 USSR ribbon mic and the latter a late 50s DDR 2-track tube-recorder.
Quite an iron-y setup!