Recent instruments

Built: April 2012 & Summer 2014
Tadklimp: Instrument design & construction

The Blue Lalu

First picture shows the Blue Lalu..

I was inspired by the simplicity and numerous uses of the 4584N Schmitt-Trigger chip, i decided to have a go on the construction of a basic “Drone”-like synth.

4 Oscillators (2 of them also acting as LFOs) handmade vactrols and an MS20-inspired Low Pass filter based on the LM13700 chip were the ingredients that i finally used.  Very Impressed by the diversity of the sound colors that you can get from it, concerning its design-simplicity.

The Blue-Lalu has already found a new home…. looking forward to new incarnations.


Random Noise Generator nr.1

Second picture…

The simple design of this instrument is what makes it so fun to play!

By using his fingers to bring in contact the numerous metallic strings (salvaged old tube shields), the user is randomly shorting the ins/outs of 4 different op-amps. The sound palette is ranging from white noise to tonal squeaks and chirps.

A couple of knobs are adding variations on the misuse of the chips.



last one..

LowMS is an adaptation of the famous MS20 filter.

Based on Tim Escobedo’s 9v version, i kept only the LowPass configuration..

“Spitze” input for filter cuttof CV !