A Beat Of Silence

Artist: Rayon
Released: November 11, 2016
Label: Morr Music
Tadklimp: Co-Production, Recording, Mixing, Additional Composition

Rayon is the instrumental project by Notwist singer, Markus Acher.

A wonderful group of musicians, with Sachico Hara on the Piano & Harmonium, Karl-Ivar Refseth on the Vibraphone & Perc, Cico Beck on Marimba & Perc, Anton Kaun on electronics and Markus Acher on Harmonium & Perc. performed Acher’s compositions in a live recording session that took place during 2 days at U.F.O. studios in Berlin.

I had the pleasure to record, mix and further produce the compositions along with Markus Acher during the winter of 2015 in Munich.

You can listen and enjoy the whole album here: here and here